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The wiki about Patricia C. Wrede's improper princess, Cimorene, as she travels through the Mountains of Morning, the Enchanted Forest, and beyond. No need to be a wizard, because anyone can edit, and that's a wonderful kind of magic that everyone has. Amazing, right?

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1. Dealing With Dragons
2. Searching For Dragons
3. Calling On Dragons
4. Talking To Dragons

(Book of Enchantments has a short story about Cimorene and her Flying Pan of Doom in it, as well as many other exciting short stories that all take place in the Enchanted Forest.)


There is talk about a fifth book in the series. At this time, there is no fifth book, but Patricia C. Wrede said that she hopes to be able to write a fifth book, but her other contracts need to be fulfilled first, so a new Enchanted Forest Chronicles book won't be coming anytime soon. This doesn't mean we can't hope, though.

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