There are several different within and around the Enchanted Forest.

Demon Edit

Not much is known about demons, other than it requires a strange language to summon them and they don't care for unexpected guests.

Dragon Edit

The dragons live in the Mountains of Morning. The males have two horns and the females have three. The young dragons don't have horns because they haven't decided if they are male or female. If a dragon doesn't act like a dragon, he shrinks and loses his scales, turning into a toad. Dragons are allergic to Wizard Staffs and dragons bane.

Dwarf Edit

The Dwarves live in the cave system within the Enchanted Forest. They don't often help people with out "a good reason." There is rarely "a good reason," but they don't attack people, instead preferring to distance themselves from humanity.

Elf Edit

There are three types of Elves in the Enchanted Forest. Most elves can't keep a secret and they don't often have common sense. They are flighty creatures.

Goldwing-Shadowmusic Elves Edit

These elves follow the King of the Enchanted Forest.

Dark Morning Elves Edit

These elves look like the Goldwing-Shadowmusic Elves, but they are tricksters.

Silverstaff Elves Edit

These elves are aligned with Wizards and turn anyone in who they believe is against their alliance.

Fairy-Godmother Edit

Fairy-Godmothers do the standard grant happiness and bless children at christenings. Of course, those that don't get invited curse the child, but that's just the proper thing to do.

Gargoyle Edit

While many gargoyles are made of stone, some are also made of wood, and they can be enchanted. Some just scare people, but some prefer to insult people, even as they give advice. They complain often, mostly because no one really wants to talk to them, and the ones that do don't really hear good things from them. Take this information with a pinch of salt as we only know of one.

Giant Edit

Giants approach pillaging and marauding like a job. They don't like people who are named Jack, only because they can't afford to keep up with the thievery. Some giants live near the Mountains of Morning, like Ballimore.

Giantess Edit

Female giants are call a giantess. Unlike the males, they stay ate home. When people named Jack come to visit, they help them with food just before the little thieves take gold, singing harps, and so on.

God Edit

Gods grant great boons or terrible curses on people, depending on how they are treated. We know very little about them.

Jinn Edit

Jinns are like genies. However, there is a standard protocal should they get imprisoned in a bottle.

  1. Released within 100 years, the person to release them becomes ruler of the world.
  2. Released within 200 years, the person to release them becomes rich beyond the wildest dreams of men.
  3. Released within 300 years, the person to release them gets three wishes.
  4. Released after 300 years, the person dies (no one ever opens the jar before 300 years).

Magician Edit

Magicians are often mistaken for wizards, but there is a difference. Magicians study multiple kinds of magic, not focusing on one kind.

Unicorn Edit

Unicorns are horses with horns. They are pure white with ivory horns and sapphire eyes. Some are quite vain and believe they are entitled to a princess as a handmaiden to tend to them.

Witch Edit

Witches are usually old, wrinkly, stooped, have warts, ride on brooms, wear loose black robes, and have a black cat for a companion. However, they are more often nice people, only doing certain things because it's proper. They often have mundane plants in their gardens interwoven with their magical plants.

Fire-Witch Edit

Fire-Witches have red hair and short tempers. But just because a person has those two things doesn't mean they are a Fire-Witch. When they get angry, Fire-Witches' hair smokes and sometimes bursts into flame. Fire-Witches may have little in common beyond a name with witches.

Wizard Edit

Many wizards seem to be nice, but are actually cunning, evil people. Their staffs attract and absorb magic, which causes magical plants to die and dragons to sneeze. You can melt wizards with soapy water that has lemon juice in but they come back after an unknown period of time. The Society of Wizards is an organization that comprises wizards, but not all wizards are as malitious or evil as them. Several wizards were on the King's side.

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